Rookiez is the first decentralized blockchain-based motorcycle racing platform

Wen moon game?

Most of the NFT gaming projects start by proposing collections (which are supposed to become in-game assets in the future) with a floor-price of dozens or hundreds of ADA. With Rookiez, we decided to take a totally different route.

We aim to bring regular gamers to the Cardano community by focusing on innovation and inclusivity. NFTs can be minted by the players on demand, depending on their needs and in-game activities. Those NFTs will be available for a very low minting price, which covers fees and expenses, because the real value of those assets depends on how each players develop them.

To cover the needs of the first players, some NFT will be available for sale just before the first playable prototype will be released. This will allow them to start training their riders and developing their motorcycles, giving them some advantages compared to the players who will join in later development stages.

Once the championships will be available, it will provide the expected performance differences between top and bottom teams.

The actual roadmap will be released after Project Catalyst Fund11. Vote our proposal to help us releasing the game as soon as possible!