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Thanks also to the riders' competence, the Research and Development department can improve the available bikes: working on a specific feature, engineers can increase the potential, that is the maximum performance achievable by the parts themselves, which can be expressed in practice through the work of mechanics.

Any change made to the potential of a feature will affect every other part of the bike and in particular, a specific one, called "related". For example, if you implement massive innovation on the engine power, you can affect torque, and vice versa. The same can happen to electronics and frame, setup and suspensions, transmission, and brakes. Specifically, this effect can occur whenever you want to increase the potential for a part that has higher performance compared to its related one.

As it happens with the riders' training, improvement of the motorcycles depends also on the value of the potential that you want to increase: the more it is already high, the more time you will need to get new improvements. Also, remember that with modern technology it is increasingly difficult to develop further the older bikes: it’s very hard, for a team, to keep being competitive by focusing development on a motorcycle designed several seasons ago.

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