Personality may affect riders' performance on track and how specialists deal with their job.


Every NFT Rider and NFT Staff Member has a personality that shows whether he can be a leader, make the glue in the group, be a terrible person or a generator of fouls. Personality is defined by four attributes: leadership, agreeability, honesty, and aggressiveness.


Leadership shows the potential of a leader. High leadership makes team spirit deteriorate slower (and increases it faster when it is too low). It is evaluated using the same terms of the riders' skills. The person with the highest leadership will become the team leader, but it may not be obvious to understand who it is.


Honesty slightly affects how a rider behaves on the track, or how much care a specialist will dedicate to their work. It is evaluated using the following levels:

  1. infamous
  2. terrible
  3. dishonest
  4. spontaneous
  5. honest
  6. righteous
  7. virtuous


Aggressiveness may affect the rider’s performance on the track, but also the chance to fall due to a mistake. For staff members, it may boost, or demote, the leadership value. It is evaluated using the following levels:

  1. borderline
  2. fiery
  3. temperamental
  4. balanced
  5. calm
  6. tranquil
  7. zen


The agreeability of a rider or a staff member contributes to the affection of fans and affects the team spirit. Leaders with high agreeability may mitigate the effects of "bad" Honesty of other riders and staff members. It is evaluated using the following levels:

  1. scoundrel
  2. nasty fellow
  3. controversial guy
  4. pleasant person
  5. sympathetic guy
  6. popular person
  7. beloved team member
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