The Rookiez Week

In Rookiez, weeks actually last five days, following Cardano’s epochs.

What appens on each day?

Each day, your staff members will keep working to improve the team's competitiveness, depending on their role.

  • Doctors are available to help your riders to recover if they need medical assistance.
  • Engineers will work on the research you planned, improving motorcycles’ potential.
  • Mechanics will work on the bikes, to fix damages or to apply those improvements.
  • Coaches will spend most of their time with the riders, to properly train and guide them.

Scouts are never to be seen, always busy trying to find new talented young riders. However, if you want to hire a new young rider and have him ready for the very next race, be sure to do that within the first two days of the epoch, because on the third day the team will travel to the next race track for the official free practice sessions, and it may be not so wise to send a total stranger on the track. You may also ask your scouts to find a new staff member for a different position instead of concentrating on young riders only.

The first two days of each epoch are also important because you can use your training track as many times as you want, to help both training and research.

The penultimate day of each epoch is dedicated to the official qualifying sessions. Your riders (or better, you as the one who will impersonate your riders), thanks to better tires and motivation, will usually go faster than the previous day, but this means that they may take some more risks. If you are satisfied with the results you may decide to preserve them for the race, otherwise, you can choose to try more times if there are chances to reach the pole position.

Keep in mind that every lap your riders take is precious for the overall team improvement: it affects in a positive way both your training and research, but you risk accidents that can put high pressure on both your mechanics and medical staff, to say the least. Just be careful and your team will be fine. Laps completed, no matter if by you or your riders alone during the race, also affect their experience, to different extents depending on the day, in the following (incremental) order:

  • Training sessions on your test track
  • Free Practice sessions
  • Official Qualifies
  • The Race

Before the end of each epoch your riders will fight from lap to lap to achieve the final victory. For the main event, you don’t have any active role: everything is in your riders’ hands. Will they gain precious points for themself and your team?

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