You may (and should) train your riders to improve their performance.


Each epoch, you can vary the workout to be given to your riders, providing them with specific guidance on the characteristics to be improved. Riders who are healthy but do not have an official motorcycle shall perform the testing duties, increasing a bit their competence. In contrast, they avoid thinking about race and will devote themselves to other things, and this may affect their concentration.
Normally riders improve in one or more characteristics that depend on the training you choose but are not excluded side effects: for example if you send the boy between the tools of a gym for most of the time his body will draw clear benefits but he will also suffer a small reduction in his ability to remain focused on the next race. The effectiveness of training is established by three different factors: the age of the rider, the specialists, and the current level of ability: the rise of that will require a greater commitment to improving further.
You can choose between the following types of training:


It will increase slightly each skill of the rider, also helping the concentration.


It improves the form but may affect concentration.


Similar to general training, it helps improve competence, but it could negatively affect the form.

Fast Lap

It mainly improves the rider's capabilities in confidence and braking.

Race Simulation

It improves the technical capabilities of the rider and to a lesser extent, the physical endurance..

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