Rookiez is the first decentralized blockchain-based motorcycle racing platform

How does it work?

Rookiez aims to join billions of racing enthusiasts in a community where you can mint motorcycles, riders, and teams... train your riders, mint new motorcycles based on your research, and scout new riders who can become future champions.

To access the platform you need to have any Rookiez Digital Collectible in your crypto wallet. Many of the "arcade features" in the game will be then accessible, depending on which Digital Collectibles you own. However, to really take part in the game, you need to own an existing Team. At the end of each season, new leagues may be created. This will allow new players to join the game without the need t look on the secondary market for top-league teams, which may be very expansive, or simply not available for sale.

The goal for each Rookiez player is to drive your team to glory, in competition with other players around the world. During this adventure, you will carry out tasks of both the chairman and the manager: you can scout future champions and decide who of your riders to send in the circuit to race for the final victory, planning every tactical aspect. You'll need to know how to train your riders, which motorcycle characteristics you want to improve, and much more...

By accessing the Rookiez website, users can find all the information and download the game or any other official Rookiez application. In the Web3 spirit, it is possible to connect a wallet, that identifies the player. When the wallet is connected to the portal, players will receive a unique PIN code that can be entered into the game at the first load, to synchronize the data on any new device. The game (and any other official Rookiez application available for download from the portal) will then automatically identify the Rookiez Digital Collectibles that you own and can use to play, and will never directly interact with your wallet for any transaction. The only place where you can be asked to sign a transaction is the portal itself, for example, if you decide to mint any extra Digital Collectible from the available choices.

From the Rookiez portal you can mint Riders, Staff Members, Motorcycles, and Circuit Licenses: basically, all you need to start playing the game. To get more involved and enjoy the main component of the Rookiez universe, however, you need to own a team. If there are teams available in the lower leagues, those will be available for minting from the portal, otherwise, you may have to wait for the end of the current season when new leagues will be created for the following one. Another option is to look for a team in the secondary market. Only one team is allowed for management per wallet. If you add more, the game will not start. The same will happen in case you own more than the maximount amount of riders of specialists in the same wallet.

Any Rookiez Digital Collectible can be sold in any Cardano marketplace. The owner has complete control of their Digital Collectibles. Scouting new riders or specialists (up to one per epoch) requires minting from the portal, while all the Digital Collectibles minted due to in-game achievements will be sent free of charge to the player’s wallet.

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