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Riders and Motorcycles are not enough to compete...


For many riders, the end of their career does not mean getting definitively away from competition: they often decide to use their expertise to specialize in different areas and take a new path. For this reason, you can always add NFT Staff for many different positions, who will help you in the management of several things.

Although still able to drive well, and some of them potentially going strong, they will dedicate body and soul to their new job. For this reason, hardly they will focus enough to compete again in a racing context. The effects of each specialist may vary depending on his character or the one of the "leader". Please note that having the highest number of specialists available for one or more roles will allow you to gain a "specialty" for these duties, giving you a practical advantage: think carefully about your improving strategy because choosing the right specialties is a crucial aspect. While it seems that the more specialists you have for a role the more improvements you will get, the contribution is not linear and non-noticeable anymore after a certain amount of specialists are hired for the same role.

You can always promote one of your NFT Riders to be a staff member in a different position. Depending on skills and experience, some older riders can be a perfect fit for a specific role. On the other hand, staff members may always take place in competitions, but their role cannot be changed anymore: you usually want to do that only when one of your riders is getting old, but his skills and experience are still valuable in a different role. Each of the rider's skills may have an impact on the actual quality of the work performed by the promoted staff member, depending on the role you choose.

You may have a maximum of ten specialis in your wallet, otherwise the game will not start. Move the additional assets to another wallet if that is the case.


They are dealing with performance on the track of every motorcycle's part. Their contribution is essential because they do every necessary repair and implement the innovations introduced by the research and development department. Mechanics will work tirelessly to allow each part to achieve its potential, but their work requires an amount of time proportional to the intervention itself, so do not expect to see immediately applied every available innovation. Consider also that the bikes are subject to wear and can break as a result of accidents and falls, so the mechanics are unlikely to just stay drinking beer while watching a race.


They are the soul of the Research and Development department: their input is essential to achieve an adequate improvement in the performance of the motorcycles, increasing the potential of the various parts. The mechanics will then keep care of implementing these improvements. The development of motorcycles available to the team is done weekly, based on the information provided. The more time is dedicated to the improvement of a specific part, the greater the knowledge acquired by the department on the specific motorcycle. This is very important because in the next season you will receive completely new NFT Motorcycles, that are developed based on such knowledge.


In other words, they are professional trainers. Typically they are experts in the communication and sport psychology fields, and food science, and are devoted to body-building. They went to several seminars about NLP and will make an important contribution to the effectiveness of training.


There may be several good-promising riders that didn’t sign contracts with a team, yet. If you want to have one of them, then you can ask your scouts to find a wildcard that will try to qualify for the next competition, and then be hired by your team. Each scout will find a different rookie every week: the more scouts you have, the higher the chances of success in finding a valid rider, because each time it will be selected the most talented one. You can also ask your scouts to find a different specialists for any position instead of focusing on young riders.


It is better to have little to do with the doctors, but are essential for th necessary care to the riders as a result of an accident, big or small those could be. In these cases, if the body of an athlete is not in acceptable condition at least at the time of registration, he will not have consent from the mobile clinic to compete in the race, nor to participate in the weekly training sessions. Similarly, a staff member will not be able to do his job if his health conditions are inadequate, and will only receive any medical care that you can provide to your staff.

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