Rookiez' teams

Like any other asset in the game, also teams are available as Digital Collectibles.

Obtaining a Team

To access the platform you need to have any Rookiez Digital Collectible in your crypto wallet. Many of the "arcade features" in the game will be then accessible, depending on which Digital Collectibles you own. However, to really take part in the game, you need to own an existing Team.

At the end of each season, new leagues may be created. This will allow new players to join the game without the need to look on the secondary market for top-league teams, which may be very expansive, or simply not available for sale.

As soon as you get a team, the old drivers and motorcycles must be replaced: those are separate Digital Collectibles that belong to the previous owner. You can instead mint new Digital Collectibles for the initial riders, staff members, and motorcycles: the team is brand new, but it will be inserted into an already existing competition.

Only one team is allowed per wallet. If you add more, the game will not start. The same will happen in case you own more than the maximount amount of riders of specialists in the same wallet. Move the extras assets to another wallet if that is the case.

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