There are several race tracks in the Rookiez universe. Those are located in different places over a simulation of the real world. Any circuit should be unique and not necessarily resemble the appearance or location of any real existing one.


There are different leagues for each level, depending on the strength of competitor teams, with the following structure:

  • One Level-1 league (Rookiez-GP)
  • Two level-2 leagues (Rookiez-2.1 and Rookiez-2.2)
  • Four level-3 leagues (from Rookiez-3.1 to Rookiez-3.4)
  • Eight level-4 leagues (from Rookiez-4.1 to Rookiez-4.8)
  • And so on...

8 teams compete in each league, the season lasts always 16 epochs and it consists of 15 races, followed by a week of break, where new NFT motorcycles for the coming season will be minted. The two teams that finish last in the series will be downgraded, except those that run in the lowest division, and their seats will be taken by the winners in the division directly below. The race weekend is composed of free practice sessions, the qualifications, and the race, during the last three (of five) days of each epoch.

At the end of each season, new leagues may be created. This will allow new players to join the game without the need to look for top-league teams on the secondary market, which may be very expansive, or simply not available for sale.

The Race

Finding the right combination of rider and motorcycle for each race is one of Rookiez’s biggest challenges: each condition may have specific characteristics that change over time and, in a duel between two equally good competitors who run on an identical bike, usually wins the one who can maintain concentration longer. Riders with lesser physical conditions encounter more difficulties in maintaining concentration throughout the race, especially on the most demanding circuits, or where weather conditions are less favorable, but even then you must take into account the characteristics of the selected bike, which can overcome any shortcomings of the rider and vice versa.

Each team may subscribe up to three bikes for every race, but after the free practice session, only the two fastest drivers will have the opportunity to get qualified the next day. Note that in both the free practice and qualifying sessions, as well as in the race, any rider can make mistakes or be the victim of those from others. Therefore they can get injured, then deciding to have as many riders as possible can be wise to protect your team from this eventuality. Rookiez will automatically select any rider who has an officially assigned motorcycle. If they are more than three, a selection will be made, according to this order of conditions:

  • drivers who have collected more points during the current season
  • if there are more riders on equal points, priority will be given to those with the highest skills
  • if they have the same value, a random basis selection will be made
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