Prototypes may (and should) be improved with appropriate Research.


Any motorcycle used for the Rookiez championship is, in every case, the jewel of technology, but they are not all the same: each of them is characterized by the performance reached by each of the eight basic features:


The electronics will allow the rider to drive better and to be less tired.


A good frame will make the bike more robust and reliable.


Power identifies the maximum achievable performance.


The torque identifies the ease with which the engine will unleash all of its power.


A good setup will allow the bike to go faster while being stable.


Appropriate suspensions allow the rider to make the best use of its technical capabilities.


A functional transmission allows the rider to better modulate the power while running.


With good brakes, a rider can face at best every bind or difficult situation.

Those benefits are measurable on the track and are visible to every player. Each feature has, however, a potential value, which may vary as a result of specific studies conducted by the Research and Development department, and that is only visible to the rightful owner of the team to which the bike belongs.

You may have a maximum of ten motorcycles in your wallet, otherwise the game will not start. Move the extras assets to another wallet if that is the case.

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